What is dgraph/standalone downloading and running?

OS: ubuntu20.04
docker version: Docker version 19.03.12, build 48a66213fe
dgraph image: dgraph/standalone:master
imageID: 90e70654fa01
dgraph version: v2.0.0-rc1-547-gc51d007e7

I followed quick-start to run dgraph docker image, and when I run the container for some minutes, my cpu start to over 50%, and the network Receiving up to 800+kb/s, it must be dgraph container downloading something and running something because the cpu down to 1% and reveiving down to 0kb/s as soon as I stop the dgraph docker container! When I restart dgraph container, after a few minutes, it start download something again!
It had up to downloaded over 3GB data…
BTW, I closed all other applications except the docker container and chrome, the cpu and network receiving still the same…
It’s very strange that when I stop dgraph container or chrome, the network and cpu back to normal.

AHa, I find out the problem is due to the quick-startpage!!!
When I close the quick-start page, not closing chrome, the problem gone :smiley:
That’s why I close chrome or close dgraph container would work!
So the problem is the quick-startpage!!!

Hi @Wisgon,

Thanks for the question, and I’m glad that you solved the problem.

IAC, what he standalone runs is 1 dgraph alpha, 1 dgraph zero, and ratel, which I think is static files served by nginx.


This questions should be at Users/Dgraph not GraphQL. Moving it.