What's the default index?

I have read a simple code of dgraph source

var schemaIndexVal3Uid = `
person:uid @index .

var schemaIndexVal3Default = `
value:default @index .

var schemaIndexVal3Password = `
pass:password @index .

as you see the @index has no tokenizer , so what’s the default index type ? hash or term?

I believe there’s no such thing. You must set it explicitly.

do you have a hash index demo ?

is my schema right?

point: uid @count @reverse .
ipvalue: string @index(hash) .
hostname: string @index(hash) .

that’s right you should check tokenizer if it can do all queried you wanted

no demos (exclusive for this), but your schema is right. And Hash is a good choice for performance and unique data.

@MichelDiz do you know how to insert a list string type values into dgraph? any demos?

i found samples here, and i try to test it , it works. Modifying predicate lists

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