What's the future for Dgraph Slash, is it direct competitor to Hasura Cloud?

Just curious to know the future for Dgraph Slash, where it is heading whats the end goal. A clear picture would help in evaluating the tech.

The goal of Dgraph Cloud is to provide the most advanced graph database on the cloud. To evaluate whether Dgraph Cloud is the best choice for you, can you tell us a bit more about what’s the problem you want to solve with a graph database?

Dgraph is a distributed system that scales beautifully and give you millisecond query speed. If you’re building a knowledge graph, customer 360, MDM, or anything that has high transactions, Dgraph is the right choice for you.

Feel free to DM me or @David if you want to talk more about how Dgraph can help with your need.

Hey @zhenni

I am so sorry I got a bit confused…I meant to ask about Dgraph Slash, not Dgraph Cloud. I have corrected the question as well.

Dgraph Cloud also includes Slash GraphQL. :slight_smile: … Slash is a smaller tier of Dgraph Cloud, suitable for startups.