Why are the javascript libraries distinct

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Typescript and javascript are used interchangeably (most of the code is typescript anyways)
Currently they are two client repositories for javascript :

What are the reasons for writing 2 libraries?
Which one has maintenance priority ?

Thanks in advance

(Michel Conrado) #2

I do not know exactly the official reason, but I can seek for it. However, I already have a little experience with these two repos. One communicates via gRPC and the other specifically via HTTP. So I believe that usability will depend on what the dev has in mind. Maybe that’s the reason.

I think it’s dgraph-js, but both are relatively equal in concept. Then they will be in sync.

(James) #3

my guess is that grpc can only be supported using nodejs server side, while http can be supported via client javascript on browser. and i do not recommend that you use directly from browser side unless you have full trust to your users from browser end (including guest)

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