Working example with Nuxt.js

About auth… How awesome would be to have a working example/template in Nuxtjs, handeling roles and auth. I know is not your job, but would it encourage people to start with dgraph?? … Thanks

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Good point @ctwhome. We are working a lot on making sure we have starter kits and examples for most popular frameworks. Right now, it’s just react, but we are working on vue.js / nuxtjs, angular, svelte, and loads more.


Just wanted to ‘second’ this. I’m getting a feel for how powerful dGraph is and how easy it is to create a backend (especially with Slash GraphQL) - it is a dream for me! Having some examples for how to build front-ends that easily integrate would be super helpful. Vue/Nuxt would be great as it is quite accessible to many that are new.

@gja It would awesome if you guys created a Github repo like “dgraph-io/examples” that housed all the examples and such :slight_smile:


We do have this one: GitHub - dgraph-io/graphql-sample-apps: This repository contains sample GraphQL applications powered by Dgraph., which aggregates all the other apps. Will post it there when added

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