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 Is there any way to delete a given Node?
 The tour only show how to delete the edges connected to a given node, but not about the node itself.


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Yes, you can delete a node. Deleting a node in Dgraph means that the outgoing edges/literal values attached to the node would be deleted. Any incoming edges would not be deleted.

The docs mention how to do it using RDF’s(https://docs.dgraph.io/mutations/#delete) and JSON(https://docs.dgraph.io/mutations/#deleting-edges).

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I am just wondering if you are aware that when you delete a predicate on a parent node, that causes all the other predicates to not show until a new one is created.
for example given:
<1> <2>
<1> <3>
<1> <4>

<1> <3> .

<1> <2>
<1> <4>
no longer recongized

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Replied in another thread.

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