About dgraph alpha --my port in docker compose yaml

I noticed that the port for command dgraph alpha --my (which is 7080) is different from the exposed ports for alpha (8080, 9080) in official docker-compose.yaml


from dgraph alpha --help
--my string IP_ADDRESS:PORT of this Dgraph Alpha, so other Dgraph Alphas can talk to this.
Is that docker-compose.yaml totally fine because Dgraph Alpha’s gRPC-internal port is 7080? ref

Thanks in advance.

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Yes, the my flag uses the port for internal communication which is by default 7080 for Alpha nodes and 5080 for Zero nodes. This port is used by alpha to communicate with other Alpha and zero servers. 8080 is the port Alpha uses for serving HTTP requests whereas 9080 is used for serving gRPC requests for the client.

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