ACL incorrectly creates ACL groups

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Posted by danielmai:

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Run Dgraph cluster with ACLs enabled
  2. Login as groot
  3. Add a ACL group called “aGroup”
  4. Query for the group with the CLI tool:
$ dgraph acl info -g aGroup                   
[Decoder]: Using assembly version of decoder

Running transaction with dgraph endpoint: localhost:9180
Current password for groot:
Login successful.
Unable to show info: The group "aGroup" does not exist.

Although Ratel says there’s a group, it’s not detected via the CLI tool.

@manishrjain and I dug into this a bit and we noticed that the group created via Ratel does not have dgraph.type set to Group for the aGroup node. So it does not exist according to the CLI.

paulftw commented :

Should be fixed, please re-open if not.

Root cause is internals of the ACL have never been documented, and type change is probably a recent addition, because Ratel support for ACL predates the type system