Add fields, remove fields slow problem

The graph slows down after being used for a period of time. The problem can be solved after restarting. What is the cause,Restarting services often is not the answer either

hi @wangliujing

  1. What version of dgraph are you using?
  2. Can you clarify the problem? I understand it to be: when you add or remove fields, Dgraph slows down after a period of time? 我所明白的是: 当你加或去fields的时候, dgraph就会随着时间慢下来。对吗?

The thing is, we set up 5 Dgraph cluster server, the server synchronization data before, we will through the Java client to set up field, or edit field, the field ready to synchronize data, field yesterday we through the Java Dgraph operation at the time of the HTTP interface often timeout, then through official console to operate fields found also needs to wait for more than 10 seconds, we didn’t find the specific reason, restart immediately after service recovery, 5 Dgraph node access speed quickly, then we don’t know why suddenly slow service

Can I have the version?

the version is v20.07.2