Add maxLeaseId to /state output when no data has been loaded

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Posted by fl-max:

Experience Report

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What you wanted to do

Have the maxLeaseId key from the http://<zero_endpoint>:6080/state output be present, even when data has not been loaded. ie. maxLeaseId: -1

What you actually did

Deploy a new instance, checked that maxLeaseId was not greater than the maxLeaseId that I wanted to set on post-install. This key/value is not present.

Why that wasn’t great, with examples

When building logic workflows downstream of the Dgraph deployment, checking the maxLeaseId via curl -sS 'http://<zero_endpoint>:6080/state' | jq .maxLeaseId -r will return null when data has not been loaded.

I would propose that the above scenario return maxLeaseId: -1 instead. This has a number of advantages:

  • Schema is static (at least for this key)
  • We explicitly know a max has not been set yet
  • Single data type
  • Downstream workflows do not need to check for a null condition

Any external references to support your case