Add Node Predicates to Lambda Update/Delete Webhooks

Currently, the update/delete webhook resolver only get a list of dgraph-internal UIDs (rootUIDs).

It would be great, if we could also get all predicates for the deleted nodes (similar to how field resolvers work), as sometimes (I’d argue even most of the time) we need to do actions based on them.

I don’t want to learn another query language (DQL) just to be able to retreive the predicates I need.

@graphql I posted lots of bugs/improvements for lambda-graphql lately. And I don’t get many responses. Can I have an update on this?

Edit: Included Update-Webhooks.

Edit2: I totally forgot about adding the ID type to my nodes:

type Foo {
   id: String! @id
   rootID: ID! # <- new

Now I can retrieve my nodes via GraphQL by referencing rootID.

Although this works, I consider this to be a temporary solution because it’s not very efficient. I have to do a 2nd GraphQL lookup every time an update- or delete mutation is fired to retrieve all predicates I need.