Adding an alpha servers creates new group

We are trying to add a new alpha server to existing dgraph cluster. Everytime we add a new server it create an additional group without any tablets assigned to it.
6 servers → 5 groups
Replication → 3
Is there any way to assign alpha to a group specifically…?

From the docs

Every time a new Dgraph Alpha is added, Zero would check the existing groups and assign them to one, which doesn’t have three replicas.

Typically, Zero would first attempt to replicate a group, by assigning a new Dgraph alpha to run the same group as assigned to another. Once the group has been replicated as per the --replicas flag, Zero would create a new group.

Do you want to assign alpha to a particular group irrespective of replication?

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That seems incorrect. Are you sure it has replication factor of 3? cuz you should have 2 groups. 6 Alphas / 3 replication = 2 groups.

Not assign, but move. However, you do not have complete control over this. Because Dgraph will move the data as needed.

But I have a question, what is your use case? I mean, how useful would that be?

See for example this issue