Adding Schema in Slash GraphQL

During Graph in Space streaming, I was told by several members of Dgraph that Slash also accepts GraphQL± syntax, but when I try to paste my “init DB” script, it doesn’t work:

type Asset {

type Money {


<a_acquired>: datetime @index(day) .
<a_reminders>: [uid] @reverse .
<a_created_at>: datetime @index(day) .

<o_amount>: int @index(int) .
<o_currency>: string @index(exact) .


How do I make it happen without changing my schema? It’s always been working for the on-prem version (Dgraph 1.x and 20.x).

Hey @wiradikusuma, welcome back.

So, you can use GraphQL± (now known as DQL) using your traditional connection methods to Slash (i.e. using gRPC, and dgo/pydgraph etc)

Another method of using DQL is to embed DQL in graphql using the @remote directives - see also the docs on custom DQL in GraphQL.

Other than this, you can also use ratel at Just create a API token on the Slash Dashboard and enter it into ratel

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