Сan't make a variable Dgraph

query MyQuery {
  queryProduct(filter: {has: name}) {

Please tell me a variable to this.
{"variables": {"filter": { "name": { "eq": "note" } }}} - it is not right
Thanks in advance!!!

Maybe something like this

query MyQuery($filter: ProductFilter) {
	queryProduct(filter: $filter) {

{"variables": {"filter": { "name": { "eq": "note" } }}}

See https://dgraph.io/docs/graphql/api/variables/

type Product  {
	id: ID! 
	name: String! @search(by:[hash]) 
	quantity: Int! 
	availability: Boolean! 
	price: Float! 
	image_src: String! 
	category: [Category] 
	brand: Brand 
	specification: [About] 
	description_shot: String 
	description_long: String 

With this query, I can organize a search for “hash” according to the given scheme?

It works! But it just returns “id” by “name”. I need a search.

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