Are vlog files still not compressed?


In this thread a user reported that the compression feature doesn’t work very well.

The problem was that vlog files (which seem to contain the majority of the stored data) are not compressed. It seems, data that is bigger than 1 KB is only stored in these vlog files.

This, basically, make dgraph unusable for me (I need to store many things that are larger than 1 KB, so proper compression is essential), so I’m wondering if the above is still the case.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything promising in the change logs of dgraph and badger…

Does anybody know the answer to my question?

Value logs aren’t compressed. In the latest versions of Dgraph, the default value log threshold is 1 MB (not 1 KB). So, values less than 1 MB—most values—are stored in the LSM tree.

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Thank you, @dmai!

I strongly believe this (and other relevant) information should be mentioned in the docs.

Therefore, I have opened the following issue: