Auth rules for @lamdba queries/mutations

Is it possible to define auth rules for a lambda query/mutation in the GraphQL schema being sent to Dgraph?

Something like

    myAdminOnlyQuery(...): [MyResultType] @auth(...) @lamdba

If it’s not possible to define the auth rule in the GraphQL schema, is it possible to access JWT information inside the lambda body to perform custom auth checks there?


Hi, You can access the JWT token inside your lambda from authHeader.

As of today it is not possible to use @auth directive on @lambdas, there is however a WIP to add @auth rules to @custom DQL directives (unfortunately not yet for @lambdas). see WIP: Auth rules custom DQL query

I believe the support for @auth rules on @custom directive is not yet shipped on the latest stable release (v21.03), but apparently it is merged on the main dgraph branch (don’t quote me on this).