Badger Release Schedule

Is there a release schedule for planned badger releases?

This would be helpful for planning updates to projects that use badger DB. The latest release of badger2 is v2.2007.2 which was published September 2020. There are changes that have been made since then, but we are waiting for publication of a release that includes these. We would like to know when a next release is expected, and whether this will be a v2 or v3 release.

Badger switched to CalVer along with Dgraph in March 2020.

To overcome the issue of working with Go modules, we hijacked the syntax of SemVer. So all versions will be rooted at v2 from now on. v2.2007.2 is the latest. For example, if there is to be a release in March this year, the version will be v2.2103.1.

As for schedule, I think there was supposed to be a Badger v2.2011.1 but we skipped that release. I think @ibrahim can give you a better idea of when the next release will drop.

Hope that answers your question.

Hi @gammazero, badger follows the calendar versioning. The next release of badger will be v3.2011 (v3 since it has breaking on-disk format). The badger release got delayed because of dgraph release.

We will be doing badger v3.2011 this week.

@chewxy, @ibrahim Thank you for the replies – will plan accordingly.

@ibrahim - I understand that the data format is not backward compatible, but is it forward compatible as in can v3 read v2 and v1 storage?

@gammazero no. You will have to do a backup/restore of the badger directory (using the badger command-line tool or the API)