Best way to install rocksdb on a Mac

The installation instructions on the Beginners Guide require using homebrew to install rocksdb.

However homebrew installs v4.9 of rocksdb, which dgraph does not compile with. I get the following error:

vendor/ not enough arguments in call to _Cfunc_rocksdb_options_set_compression_options

I couldn’t find a way to install any other version through homebrew. I can download the source of v4.6.1 of rocksdb from github and compile it myself. Is that the recommended process?

If so I can update the wiki with the new instructions.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

We use a wrapper from tecbot which is not compatible with the latest version of RocksDB. We have been wanting to write and maintain our own wrapper around RocksDB…

For now, I am afraid you have to compile RocksDB 4.6.1 yourself. The steps are similar to the linux version. Feel free to update the wiki or we can do it too. Thanks!


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