Big object

Hello guys, I have a problem with object like this =>

<Id>: uid .
<Name>: string @index(exact) .
type <Organization> {

Creating object where name contain over 100000 symbols, the db stopped to be accessible.

Making this via ratel, like if loading via Query

all(func: has(<dgraph.type>))

Without read only + best effort checks it is just give an error “context deadline exceeded”
The main problem that I cant delete this object after. What should I do in this situation?

You can increase the query timeout from the Extra Settings section in Ratel. By default, the query timeout in Ratel is 20 seconds.

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Thank you for your replay, I have tried to increase timeout to 10 mins, but still there is a problem to delete this object. I have deleted index from Name => (: string .), and it started to load, but if object would be bigger as image or etc.
Is there some documentation where I can read about types and their maximum size?

Are you seeing any error messages when you’re trying to delete this big object?

There are limits that practically speaking are not reached in typical usage. Storing images in Dgraph is not typical. For binary data like images, I’d recommend storing them somewhere else like in object storage, and then storing the URI to it in Dgraph.

You can read about some of the technical limits in this post (a single value can’t be many gigabytes).