Blueprint: Haskell dgraph client

o dgraph uses grpc:
o example: github_com/dgraph-io/pydgraph/blob/master/pydgraph/proto/api.proto
o create proto file in Haskell: github_com/awakesecurity/gRPC-haskell
o …what needs to be done for that?

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@hyllos did you get anywhere with this? I was just looking into it now…

A compile-able project skeleton can be found at GitHub - avanov/dgraphio-grpc: Unofficial Haskell client for []( To make it a proper client/cli will take some time.

Sorry, I missed to answer to your question, @declension.

No, I did not get anywhere yet.

Hi @avanov, that’s a great initiative you have got there.

Do let us know what we can do to help on our end for the completion of the client project.
After the client is completed, we can make that part of the unofficial clients in our docs site.


Just felt I needed to comment in favor of a Haskell client. Would be a great addition to the dgraph eco-system.