Branch, merge, rollback

I would love a feature in Dgraph for creating branches and the ability to merge them together.
Like Git is designed for code management, it would be nice to have DGraph for data management to enable collaboration and revision control on data assets.

Features I am interested in:

  1. Creating branches
  2. Merging branches
  3. Rollback of changes

Hey @zch welcome to the Dgraph community!

When you say “branch, merge, rollback”, do you mean versions of the data? Because otherwise, it’d be fairly trivial to do that in Dgraph.

Hi @zch
I have recently showcased a demo on data lineage in a master data management scenario. In particular, there is a simplified treatment of doing a workflow in Dgraph using graphql. This is not a complete solution, but more of a clear approach we can take for this type of data management problem.

The idea is to create a branch of the existing graph (all edges and nodes). This should enable us that different people can work on different branches. Like in classic software development it should be able to merge all changes back to the main branch.
Do you understand?

Hi @anand
thank you for your reply. I will check that.