Bug: Mutation issue with facets integer

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Posted by tyuwan:

I apologize, if this is not the correct place to post this. When I set facets with int(1) value it stored as float (1.000000). It’s perfectly fine if I post or query with HTTP

type GraphCollection struct {
	Uid           string      `json:"uid"`
	Weight        []GraphNode `json:"weight,omitempty"`

type GraphNode struct {
	Uid          string `json:"uid"`
	WeightFacets int64  `json:"weight|score,omitempty"`

data := GraphCollection{
		Uid: cuid,
		Weight: []GraphNode{
				Uid:          muid,
				WeightFacets: 1,

	ctx := context.Background()

	dg, conn := dgraph.NewClient()
	defer conn.Close()

	pb, err := json.Marshal(data)
	if err != nil {

	_, err = dg.NewTxn().Mutate(ctx, &api.Mutation{SetJson: pb, CommitNow: true})
	if err != nil {

marshal string:

	q := fmt.Sprintf(`{
	  me(func: uid(0x9c6711)) {
	    weight @facets {

	txn := dg.NewTxn()
	resp, err := txn.Query(ctx, q)

	if err != nil {


with error
json: cannot unmarshal number 1.000000 into Go struct field weight of type int

pawanrawal commented :

Since the mutation input is in JSON format which doesn’t differentiate between INT/FLOAT (everything is a number), the server gets a float and stores the facet as such. This is, unfortunately, a limitation of the JSON format and the fact that facets don’t have a fixed type.

I would recommend setting a property on a node (instead of facet) if the type is important to you or using the RDF mutation format.