Can bulk load rdf files use Blank Nodes?
this show how to set data just like:

set {
_:class _:x .
_:class _:y .
_:class “awesome class” .
_:x “Alice” .
_:x “Mars” .
_:x _:y .
_:y “Bob” .

but i have a lot of data so i must use bulk method like dgraph bulk …
my rdf file just like

_:100005850657191787315110319211 “” .
_:1000058767662688106089144211017atnat0020highwaya1net “” .
_:10000606205706464890sub166161124myvzwcom _:10000606205706464891661611240 (timestamp=1510301147 ,type=“a”) .
_:10000606205706464891661611240 “” .
_:1000061021199511111046124126066publicteleringat “” .
_:1000062149323035269061092233224ctinetscom “” .
_:1000064040632654896088156238173belchatowvectranetpl _:100006404063265489688156238173 (timestamp=1510300983 ,type=“a”) .
_:100006404063265489688156238173 “” .
_:1000064525502549501095160020005starachowicevectranetpl _:100006452550254950195160205 (timestamp=1510300955 ,type=“a”) .
_:100006452550254950195160205 “” .
_:1000067615314953580008ade0311adeiprimusnetau “” .
_:100006812114287607501909006380fullrateninja _:100006812114287607590185104155 (timestamp=1510300989 ,type=“a”) .

when i bulk load i fail to load data ,is this the struct of file for reason?
web hadden my code !!

it seems worked after a correct the structure of rdf files
but i get this error when i query

: readTs: 23 less than minTs: 24 for key: “\x00\x00\aipvalue\x02\x01127.0.0.1”

my schema is:
point: uid @count @reverse .
ipvalue: string @index(term) .
hostname: string @index(term) .

rdf file is just like
<1000007558252592331058177034149statichkbnnet> “” .
<1000009099995865062088152086111bwmxuserreversekddinejp> “” .
<100000950107832461103eaa6c6a4aff954c0ee4befd1ad1303acjbcom> “” .
<1000009553391883150sub97026myvzwcom> <100000955339188315970260> (timestamp=1510301821 ,type=“a”) .
<100000955339188315970260> “” .

search query is
bladerunner(func: eq(ipvalue, “”)) {

so what the problem ?

maybe bulkload is for reason !
after about 10 minutes “the less than minTs: 24 for key:” disappeared . may be dgraph should work a short time it self

Your example is missing all predicates.

For me is the predicate that is missing

Maybe is that your Python is not doing the very structure that I mention here What rdf files? how can i create it

Dgraph stores like this:

<0x6bc818dc89e78754> <student> <0xc3bcc578868b719d> .
<0x6bc818dc89e78754> <student> <0xb294fb8464357b0a> .
<0x6bc818dc89e78754> <name> "awesome class" .
<0xc3bcc578868b719d> <name> "Alice" .
<0xc3bcc578868b719d> <planet> "Mars" .
<0xc3bcc578868b719d> <friend> <0xb294fb8464357b0a> .
<0xb294fb8464357b0a> <name> "Bob" .

But to be able to bulk you need a RDF file like this:

<_:class> <student> <_:Alice> .
<_:class> <student> <_:Bob> .
<_:class> <name> "awesome class" .
<_:Alice> <name> "Alice" .
<_:Alice> <planet> "Mars" .
<_:Alice> <friend> <_:Bob> .
<_:Bob> <name> "Bob" .

you can see the picture i put today
it seem the web miss my predicates when show my code , is this a bug or i must use Escape character?

Your pic seems ok so far, show the JSON Tab result. From there we can say anything.

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