Can DGraph be used for mobiles?

I am still doing POC on DGraph and I find this database AWESOME because indeed
everything is graphic and DGraph easily provides a solution on data manipulation.

My project will be on mobile in the first time and then Web.
I must answer on the following points:

  • Manage data from Online customers and OffLine customers.
  • Ensured High Availability (1,000,000 connected users)

Currently, I have a blocking point that I am trying to solve:

Connector problem for Flutter/DGraph
Indeed, during my test, there was an error with gRPC.

I tried to solve solutions via HttpRequest and Cloud Function but
the latency time has risen sharply.
I tried to update the current Flutter/DGraph version
but when compiling dgraph.proto, I encounter a problem of missing file .proto !!!

import “”;

Question : OffLine Data Management
I wanted to know if DGraph has a solution like CouchDB/PouchDB or CouchBase Mobile
to manage Offline data.

Will there be an evolution on this point?

Still WELL DONE for this MAGNIFICENT database.


Hey @Linx thanks for trying out Dgraph!

How are you compiling Dgraph from source? With the latest master, you’d clone the repo and then run make dgraph or make install, which will fetch all the proper dependencies via Go modules.

git clone
cd ./dgraph
make install

Currently there’s no built-in offline support. If you have further details about what you’re specifically looking for, I suggest filing a feature request on the dgraph GitHub repo.

Hello Daniel,

Thank you for your answer.

For the compilation:
I just want to update the Flutter/DGraph connector whose link below, does not work because it is not up to date. I contacted the developer but he does not answer.

I want to compile to have a connector for DART, that’s why I need all .PROTO files
I’m going to do a clone git to look for .proto.

my PURPOSE is to have a direct connection using Dart/gRPC to the database DGraph from the mobile to avoid the API server that must still be maintained.

For offline data:
Indeed, it will be a little complicated! but I’m trying to fix the problem with SQLite or something else.
The strength DGraph is the ease of data manipulation and that’s a major point!

The dream :
Have DGraph as Firebase or PouchDB/CouchDB or CouchBase Mobile that ensures the data offline … but I trust you will get there.


Are you aware of Gun? It is a stupid/confusing name for the project but it is an offline first graph db sync system that works with other databases. I’m looking into GunDB working with DGraph.

Hello @Cyberider,

Thanks for the information, I’m going POC it.

Hi @Linx
Di you try GunBS+DGraph? Also, Is Flutter+DGraph working for youl?

Does anyone have info about using GunJS or GunDB or any other client based JS system to enable offline first behavior with dgraph?

It would be cool to have something like the guys from Meteor have done with MongoDB server, MiniMongo JS client lib and the DDP protocol between them to communicate and keep everything synchronized, by subscribing to a subset of the MongoDB database in the JS client.

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We will have a tutorial on how to use Flutter with Dgraph soon :stuck_out_tongue: @vardhanapoorv wrote it

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Did you get anywhere with GunDB+Dgraph? Based on this video, seems like Dgraph could probably be used as a node in a GunDB network.

You might want to look into M-LD if you like gun.js to use with different databases.


M-LD brings up nothing relevant in Google search, what does it stand for?


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