Can I use multiple @id field in my Dgraph Type

Can I use multiple @id in a single type.

my schema is like following

type User@secret(field: "password") {
    uuid: String! @id @search(by:[fulltext,term])
    email: String! @search(by:[fulltext,term])

email field should also be unique and would be convenient as @id

yes, you can use it. Support for multiple id fields is recently added in the master branch.

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can i use it with slash graphql?

no, because slash graphql is still using old dgraph version.
it will be added in slash graphql with 21.03 release coming this month.


Okay. Thanks for the information.

I have checked and I still can not have multiple @Id.

resolving updateGQLSchema failed because input:598: Fields testId and id are listed as IDs for type User, but a type can have only one ID field. Pick a single field as the ID for type User.