Can not start my dgraph zero

Dgraph v20.03.0

Download and installed successfully as follows:
curl -sSf | bash

Then I wanted to start my zero use:
dgraph zero --my=localhost:5080

And I failed and got an error of:Read index content time out

I tried to use
centos7+dgraph v1.2
centos7+dgrapg v20
centos8+dgraph v1.2
centos8+dgraph v20
All failed

Really need some help here :sweat_smile:

this is what I‘ve got:

This seems like a temporary warning. Did your Zero process get killed? From your logs, it looks like Zero has started fine. Can you try hitting the http://localhost:6080/state endpoint?

Here is what I got :face_with_raised_eyebrow::

    "zero":{"1":{"id":"1", "addr":"localhost:5080", "leader": true}},
    "license":{"maxNodes":"18446744073709551615", "expiryTs": "1590471474", "enabled": true}

Looks like its working fine then.

Just as you said, its working fine now!
I guess the Read index content time out is not a big problem :smile:
Thanks for helping me!

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