Can someone please help me with webhooks in dgraph?

I want to know how to start the Dgraph lambda server and connect it with my running Dgraph database. Also, where should we specify the js file that contains the resolvers?
And most importantly, if I am supposed to write in javascript, then what code can we provide in the JS resolve file because it won’t allow me to require or import any package. Please help. I cannot understand how to get started with webhooks in Dgraph.

Check this documentation

That documentation was the first thing I saw. It’s not helping. I have set up Dgraph Cloud and have successfully implemented webhooks in it. But I am still wondering how to use npm packages in my js script for webhook resolvers. And how to set up a Dgraph cluster with lambda server locally and integrate my script in it. Please help with an example, or a blog, or a video, or any documentation (which I’d have probably read already), or at least proper instructions for the same.