Can we define an aliasname for predicate when define a schema?

if i got a predicate name “belong_to”,i want to made a similar predicate if named “belongto” or something else,what should i do?

another 2 questions:
1:if schema need to be inherit from other schema,are there any examples?
2:how should i define the exist predicate like subClassOf or owl property ObjectProperty

Hey @gispk47

You can’t have an alias name for a predicate. It would bring unnecessary overhead because we would have to store the alias in the DB.

I am not sure I understand you here. Schema can only be defined for predicates. There is no concept of an object type so I am not sure how inheritance comes into the picture. Can you provide an example?

Not sure what you mean here. If you can tell us some use cases for the above things then I can see if we support it or need to.

1:if schema need to be inherit from other schema,are there any examples?
for this i mean that we can define schema in oo design like there is a schema “object”,got a predicate like name,then we can define another schema from this schema “object” with all it’s predicate,like “shape” and “triangle”
2:this is mostly mean that will you support owl file parsing?
thank you for reply,my english is very bad

and what’s your solution when there are a lot of predicate are synonyms

Since we don’t have the concept of object types, inheritance of schema doesn’t make sense.

No, we only plan to support RDF NQuad and maybe JSON-LD. Owl looks something specific for Objects which we don’t plan to support right now

We don’t support that. Though we do support an alias for the predicate while querying

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