@cascade and @normalize on subqueries PLEASE?

Pretty please?

Its a really needed feature and the github issue is accumulating more dust than my old telescope.


Hi @labs20.

I’m Dgraph’s head of product. We have captured this in our roadmap. I promise. We are currently prioritizing all of the awesome requests and will try to get this out to you as soon as we can. A follow up though. Would you be able to walk me through your current experience? What is the end result that you are trying to end up with that you currently can not do?

I’d really like to understand from your perspective.

I would also like this.


My use case

I often do this where I alias something I have one of, on something like a user:

        _currency: currency(first: 1) {

Then in nodejs I add it back onto the object to get what I want.

helper.currency = helper._currency[0] || null

Would be super helpful to be able to describe this as some type of flattening / normalisation in dgraph instead of manipulating it in node.

got it. thanks @vespertilian