Cascade with lambda field produces unexpected results

I say unexpected, but I can understand how it came about so it can be expected, but just undocumented.

With lambda, I have a type that has a field that uses the lambda directive to return a concatenated string of other fields. That mostly works well. However when I add a cascade directive on a query, I would expect to get some results but it returns no results. The cascade seems to be looking for the field pre lambda resolve which of course it does not exist.

How to produce: Create a type with a simple lambda field that equates another string field or even the id. And then query those two fields and add the cascade directive. Now the results will be null.

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Looks like a bug, accepting.

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Any updates here? I am running into the same issue, would be a nice fix and hopefully not too hard!

@abhimanyusinghgaur I forgot about this until I ran into it again today and then searched discuss for a similar issue only to find my own post, (boy do I feel stupid!) Do we have an update on this? Was it in 21.03? :crossed_fingers:

Hi all, Thanks for bringing this up. We haven’t started working on it.
I will discuss it with the team and try to prioritize it.