Case insensitive searches

Hey, I’m pretty new to dgraph and I’ve encountered a problem that I can’t find any helpful information on the internet,

Let’s say that I have 2 nodes
node1=> name: “Foo Bar”
node2=> name: “Foo”

how can I get only node2 by searching “foo”
things that I’ve tried:

  1. Filtering using allofterms it does make it case insensitive as I want, but searching “foo” return both node1 and node2
  2. Filtering using eq, it does return only node2 as I want but I need to make it case insensitive :confused:
  3. Still haven’t tried that, But I’m sure it will work, feels kinda bad practice,
    having 2 fields in the schema, one for searches(name) and one for the results(displayName)

What would be your approach to this problem?

Try regular expressions?