Client v0.9.2 does not work with Server v0.9.3

Posted by raitraidma:

When running Dgraph v0.9.3 and trying to mutate database using Dgraph4j v0.9.2 then it throws an exception:
io.grpc.StatusRuntimeException: UNIMPLEMENTED: unknown service protos.Dgraph

Might be connected to improvement in new server version:
Proto definitions are split into intern and api. Users using v0.9.x of the Go client will have to change their code to use api instead of proto as package name.

Compared api.proto files and client’s proto file is missing
bool ignore_index_conflict = 15; in message Mutation, so probably is this the issue.

deepakjois commented :

I will make a new release of dgraph4j soon, which will work with the latest version of dgraph. Till then, you could use the master branch.

deepakjois commented :

dgraph4j 0.9.3 has been released on Maven. It should work with dgraph server v0.9.4 (the latest that was released yesterday).