Collections in Badger

Does badger has a concept of table/collection/bucket? (In NoSQL sense)

Not sure what you want, Badger is a KV database. Bucket is not supported.

But try this links to dig more.

Wanted something like collections in MongoDB (document store) or buckets in boltdb (key-value store) - already doing that employing prefixes; just wondered if there are any facilities for doing that without manual prefix handling - which apparently is not provided.

There won’t be much added benefit in Badger doing this. Key prefixes gives you all you want. If there’s something that would be an actual value add, beyond what you can achieve without adding prefixes, we can consider.

Certainly different problems can benefit from different utilization of resources and tools. And I agree that while (for example) buckets might be a useful part of boltdb, it may bot be the case for badger - but I have to try harder and understand the reasoning. Every goal can be achieved with low level tools too and I have to learn more about the tradeoffs between different tools for my usage.