Conditional Delete - information

I am wondering how to retrieve delete information, i.e. if it succeeds or not.
Query: query us ($1: string){users as var(func: uid($1)) @filter(type(User))}

Upsert condition: @if(eq(len(users), 1))

Mutation(delete) : {"uid": "SOME_UID"}

While it does work, how do I know if anything was deleted? In a set upsert the uids value provides information whether or not it succeeded, however here I cannot see any information pertaining to whether or not it succeeded deleting the object(by succeeding finding at least 1 triple to remove).

The client is dgraph-rs if that affects behaviour.

I believe you will have to do a subsequent query for that UID after the Upsert is done with the expectation that the query should not return anything if the delete went through.