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Tip For a single server setup, recommended for new users, please see Get Started page.

The full set of dgraph’s configuration options (along with brief descriptions) can be viewed by invoking dgraph with the --help flag. For example, to see the options available for dgraph alpha, run dgraph alpha --help.

The options can be configured in multiple ways (from highest precedence to lowest precedence):

  • Using command line flags (as described in the help output).
  • Using environment variables.
  • Using a configuration file.

If no configuration for an option is used, then the default value as described in the --help output applies.

Multiple configuration methods can be used all at the same time. E.g. a core set of options could be set in a config file, and instance specific options could be set using environment vars or flags.

The environment variable names mirror the flag names as seen in the --help output. They are the concatenation of DGRAPH, the subcommand invoked (ALPHA, ZERO, LIVE, or BULK), and then the name of the flag (in uppercase). For example, instead of using dgraph alpha --lru_mb=8096, you could use DGRAPH_ALPHA_LRU_MB=8096 dgraph alpha.

Configuration file formats supported are JSON, TOML, YAML, HCL, and Java properties (detected via file extension). The file extensions are .json, .toml, .yml or .yaml, .hcl, and .properties for each format.

A configuration file can be specified using the --config flag, or an environment variable. E.g. dgraph zero --config my_config.json or DGRAPH_ZERO_CONFIG=my_config.json dgraph zero.

The config file structure is just simple key/value pairs (mirroring the flag names).

Example JSON config file (config.json):

  "my": "localhost:7080",
  "zero": "localhost:5080",
  "lru_mb": 4096,
  "postings": "/path/to/p",
  "wal": "/path/to/w"

Example TOML config file (config.toml):

my = "localhost:7080"
zero = "localhost:5080"
lru_mb = 4096
postings = "/path/to/p"
wal = "/path/to/w"

Example YAML config file (config.yml):

my: "localhost:7080"
zero: "localhost:5080"
lru_mb: 4096
postings: "/path/to/p"
wal: "/path/to/w"

Example HCL config file (config.hcl):

my = "localhost:7080"
zero = "localhost:5080"
lru_mb = 4096
postings = "/path/to/p"
wal = "/path/to/w"

Example Java properties config file (


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