Contents to fix

Moved from GitHub tutorial/1

Posted by sungwoncho:

  • Change all geq to ge.

Missing link at the end

  • basic/5

Needs to be complete

  • basic/8
  • basic/11
  • blocksvars/9
  • schema/9

Query is not runnable

  • blocksvars/2

Returns no result

  • blocksvars/3

manishrjain commented :

You mean change all geq to ge, right?

sungwoncho commented :

yes, fixed.

MichaelJCompton commented :

Hi @sungwoncho can you confirm blocksvars/3, seems to work fine for me.

sungwoncho commented :

I can confirm that the query works. I think it returned no result because I had not loaded the data. This can be closed. Thanks for updating.