Context Deadline Exceeded - Shared Cluster not usable anymore

Another day, another try of getting some response… (this forum and the server)

For almost the entire day our Shared Cluster (AWS US-west) returns

Context Deadline Exceeded

This happened in the past but not as frequently and not for an entire day! So we basically can’t use the service we are paying for…

Any fixes? Any suggestions?

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Update: We have someone working on it.

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@MichelDiz thanks for the update! Can you tell how long the expected downtime will roughly be? Do you guys already know where the issue is origination from? Hopefully not my Shared Instance :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Update: It seems to be working again!

Is there any information on how this has happened? Must we expect more downtimes in the future?



I think maybe we can’t, because it’s information about the internal structure.

Analyzing the internal conversations, it seems to me to be a sporadic problem.


Fair enough.

It did happen in the past and it was getting more frequently within recent weeks. Searching the forum there are more people being affected. Let’s hope it is fixed! :raised_hands:

Thanks for the effort!

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