Create or Update a node

I found this that will create or update a node/vertex

I tried to search for documentation with sample queries but I am not getting any sample query.

Are there any better alternatives? to Upsert

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p := Person{
    Name: "Bob",
    Age:  24,

txn := dg.NewTxn()
pb, err := json.Marshal(p)
if err != nil {

mu := &api.Mutation{
    CommitNow: true,
    SetJson:   pb,
assigned, err := txn.Mutate(ctx, mu)
if err != nil {
bob := assigned.Uids["blank-0"]

p = Person{
    Name:    "Alice",
    Age:     26,
    Married: true,
    Raw:     []byte("raw_bytes"),
    Friends: []Person{{
        Uid: bob,
    }, {
        Name: "Charlie",
        Age:  29,
    School: []School{{
        Name: "Crown Public School",

You can use this to create and update a node.