Data dir and predicates banlance during nodes?

I want to konw which directory is the default data directory for dgraph
It seems dgraph use the directory where I invoke the commond ‘dgraph server …’ . is this the default rule?
where is the docs?

I have know about dgraph group banlance during a cluseter , but I can not understand how predicates banlance in the same group , for example I have three dgraph server and i set replica 1 , there is only one group during my cluster, now how predicates banlace ? if I add a new dgraph server what will happen?
how dgraph zero transfer data to dgraph server ? get data from dgraph server and send to another? or only send commond to dgraph server and then dgraph server transfer it ?

here is the Docs:

Yes? Dgraph uses folders like “p”, “w”, “zw” in the same path that are the Binaries.

If you wanna change it for some reason, use
dgraph server -p myPaph/over/here/

Details about zero:

can i set an absolute paht like
dgraph server -p /data/dgraph ?

It depends of your system.

In Windows you could do
dgraph server --lru_mb 2048 -p D:\mypath\over\here

I believe in unix systems you use ~/mypath/over/here

ok , now I know this

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