Database Export Behaviour

I have a few questions regarding exporting a Dgraph database via the GraphQL endpoint.

  • Is querying and mutating while exporting supported?
  • If data is mutated while the export process is still running, will these changes be included in the export?
  • Are multiple concurrent exports supported?
  • Can an export process be cancelled? Will this also clean up export files?
  • What is the impact of the chosen file format (rdf, json)? Which is file format is faster to export/import, which uses less space?

There’s no way to cancel as far as I know.


In which sense? The only impact is the syntax difference.

We haven’t checked this. But pretty sure RDF is the fastest one to export.

The other questions I invoke @dmai


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@dmai any information to these two questions?

Exports can run in a live cluster with queries and mutations running too. The export happens at a snapshot of the data, so any new mutations that are committed after an export request won’t be part of the export.

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