DB Space preallocation control

Just getting started here. I naively installed github.com/dgraph-io/badger/@latest and ended up with 1.6. Started working, everything went fine until I tried to use a feature that didn’t exist in v1. Saw that you’re really on V4 :slight_smile: Upgraded to that … and suddenly the size of my data on disk went from thousands of bytes to GIGABYTES. Even the .mem file is > 100MB

I’m assuming Badger is just preallocating space and the @GB .vlog file is mostly empty (it’s suddenly much harder to look inside it with, say, emacs :slight_smile:

Can anyone point me at what configuration I have to tweak to control the size of this preallocation? For (at least) my unit tests I’d like to limit this.

A: Controlled via Options, see