Defined type don't runs as expected, need remove some lines in moredata/2

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Posted by zbioe:

Steps to reproduce the issue.

Type Run in after load the data.

Expected behaviour and actual result.

Expected: Success when Run is typed

Got: problem with some predicates, needed change Performance to this:

type Performance { [Movie]
    performance.character: [Person] [Person]

removed inside performance:

    performance.character_note: string
    performance.special_performance_type: [Special_performance_type]
    type: [Generic]

when i look in rdf file, i can’t see these predicates in the file:

$ cut -f2 -d' ' 1million.rdf | sort | uniq -c
     16 --------
 119258 <>
 197628 <dgraph.type>
   7391 <>
  23679 <genre>
   6356 <initial_release_date>
 210340 <name>
 119258 <>
 119258 <performance.character>
 119258 <>
 119258 <starring>

this could be a issue

zbioe commented :