Delete Entry from badger

I can’t delete any entry from badger neither using Delete nor CompareAndDelete. The entry is there. It’s beed Get, before deleting, to make sure it actually exists - by checking that item.Value() is not nil.

The commit that is used, is 7bf142baf....

What’s not right wrong here?

There are unit tests to test things like this. Delete is definitely tested. Not sure why you see this. Can you write a code to reproduce this?

Sorry, that I posted this out of frustration. I’m reproducing this but that’s most likely something inside my code that I can not find, yet. Thanks for reminding me of the tests. BTW, after pulling latest version, it can not read the previous db. It’s OK since it is not a V1.x yet, but just in case.

I think most likely you just have to set the value dir. But not sure how far back were you.

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