Deleted node appears after alpha restart

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Steps to reproduce the issue (command/config used to run Dgraph).

  1. Start Alpha and Zero with docker-compose:
version: "3.2"
    image: dgraph/dgraph:latest
      - /data/zero4:/dgraph4
      # - 5080:5080
      - 6084:6080
    restart: on-failure
    command: dgraph zero --my=zero:5080 
    image: dgraph/dgraph:latest
      - /data/server17:/dgraph
      - ./hmac_secret_file:/dgraph/acl/hmac_secret_file
      - 8084:8080
      - 9084:9080
    restart: on-failure
    command: dgraph alpha --my=alpha:7080 --zero=zero:5080 --security whitelist=,,,,,,,,, --graphql lambda-url=http://lambda:8686/graphql-worker
  1. Create schema with node type:
type User @secret(field: "password") {
  id: ID!
  email: String! @id @search(by: [hash])
  1. Update schema
  2. Create a node of the User type:
curl --location --request POST 'localhost:8084/graphql' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{"query":"# Creation of the User1\nmutation {\n  addUser (input: {email:\"[email protected]\"}) {\n      user {\n          id \n          email\n      }\n  }\n}","variables":{}}'
  1. Delete a node of the type User from Ratel and check if the node is deleted:
upsert {  
  query {
    users as var (func: has(<dgraph.type>)) @filter(eq(<dgraph.type>, "User")) {
  mutation {
    delete {
      uid(users) * * .
  q(func: type(User)) {
  1. Shut down Alpha and Zero with docker-compose down
  2. Start Alpha and Zero with docker-compose up -d
  3. Go to Ratel and check if the deleted User node exists (keep trying several times)

Expected behavior and actual result.

  1. Deleted node appears.
    (some times it appears for just a period of time, but sometimes it stays. It will appear on any dgraph restart)
  2. GraphQL endpoint returns an error that schema does not exist after the restart.