Dgraph alpha dies when receive big query (Out-Of-Memory)

My data needs @recurse directive to render somthing at all times.
The data seems to be a double linked list, so there are many predicate. problem is occured when I send query to see(render) end-to-end graph, at the result is server is down.
The used number of data is just 3000. it is just toy but not working. When I put total 300 nodes, it is working well as I expected.

I’m using docker and set the flag lru_mb=4096. my machine has 16GB.

So how can I query with bulk data? I don’t want to see dying the server

Could you share logs around the time when Alpha dies. It would be useful to share profiles [1] and memory usage charts [2]. Let us know if you need more help.

[1] https://docs.dgraph.io/howto/#memory-profile
[2] https://docs.dgraph.io/deploy/#memory-metrics

How can I use it? the link you mentioned has no information how to get the memory usage.

I have approximately 3000 nodes. I can’t understand why my query is out-of-memory.
I think other people that handle big-data process amount of data more than 3000.

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