Dgraph application cache solutions

Hi, from doing some quick research, there does not appear to be such a thing as a “graph-aware/native” cache that can sit between an application (e.g. a web-service) and Dgraph (or any Graph DB).

To be (hopefully) clear, my application wants submit graph queries to Dgraph. For non-graph databases, key-value type caches can handle most use cases. For graph data, its more challenging of course.

In terms of my research - “ID Query Caching” looks interesting, and will have a think over it…

I just wanted to ask what software / patterns folks have employed re caching graph databases?


Not sure, I think there is. But, we gonna have Ristretto soon in Dgraph.

Also, there are HTTP caching strategies that some users use. And if you’re using GraphQL, Apollo has some cache strategies in their end too.

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