Dgraph as Knowledge Graph

I want to know whether it could be possible to have inferencing like Apache Jena for example, while using Dgraph as knowledge graph ?

Can you give an example of what you mean

I mean kind of inferencing which existed in some RDF triplestores such as Jena or Blazegraph. When some statements are not explicitly mentioned in graph and with inferencing mechanism, added by system. something like Grakn. Thanks

Welcome @reza_sedighi
Dgraph does not support inference or reasoning as possible in triplestores (Dgraph is not designed as a triplestore). However, the upsert block in Dgraph does have rule-like capability. Please review the Business Rules with Dgraph blog for an example.

We also support CDC with Kafka. It is possible to run an event loop and chain business rules. Please review.

Thanks @anand. this could possibly solve the problem. Is this feature existed in open-source edition ? thanks

The upsert block is part of open source while CDC is an enterprise feature.