Dgraph caches configuration

I could not find any info on how to configure Dgraph caches.
There is cache size, cache percentages and three caches:


As far as i can tell PostingListCache does not work at all, but worked in 21.12 on dgraph side.
In badger repo there is info on block cache:

Also here we can find something about index cache:

Seems like block cache stores decompressed parts of badger tables & index cache stores badger table indices. Both help to avoid reading from disc and doing related work. Still i have no clue how to adjust them. Are there any general rules? Like, what percentage of RAM should I use? What should I do to help writes over reads or vice versa?

Like this

--cache "size-mb=1024; percentage=10,65,25;" 
#PostingListCache 10%, PstoreBlockCache 65%, PstoreIndexCache 25%

In general size-mb should be half of the available RAM.

The defaults are

size-mb=1024; percentage=0,65,35;