Dgraph Cloud - Auth example (login/signup)

Hey there,

I think Dgraph Cloud is super cool and thanks for that.

I have deployed a very basic schema and have my GraphQL URL and I am kind of stuck as I wanted to get started with Auth APIs (Login/Signup) first which I cannot see in my API Explorer tab.

PS: I have checked the example implementation using Firebase Auth and Auth0 and just curious if there is any way we can have native auth flow (login/signup/forgetpassword/resetpassword) in the API explorer.

If there is any sample app with this implementation would be really helpful.

As far as i know , you are looking for native support of authentication which we don’t have currently.
you have to use third party like Auth0 or firebase for this. Please clarify if you meant something else.

All Dgraph does is verify jwt tokens. Given that, you would have to write your own algorithms to create / and verify them to work with Dgraph. You could build your own custom auth on top of any jwt system. Both Firebase and Auth0 make this easy, and you can use whatever auth you want, so why re-invent the wheel.