Dgraph Cloud Shared High Availability DoS Possibility?

With a shared instance being HA it will help keep things more stable. Just curious how this will be handled if our shared instance gets coupled with another customer and one of the namespaces starts sending a bunch of queries to basically trigger a denial of service.

And for those that assume a DoS isn’t possible, we have (on accident) crashed our service by having an endless query loop with the same (somewhat simple) query. Now I will say that our Dgraph Cloud backend is still on a standalone cluster and not yet migrated to 21.03 on a truly shared cluster with HA. Just trying to find out what risks we entail by continuing on a shared setup after this migration.

Dgraph Support: I asked this on a support ticket CLOUD-310 but don’t think it was understood correctly and didn’t go with the original OP of the support ticket so opening this topic.

Each shared instance is a namespace logically separated from any other namespace, therefore no cross-namespaces query/mutation are allowed. - @omar